Truckman.Net SCADA

Truckman.NET SCADA is used for monitoring and control of industrial installations. The SCADA system provides:

  • Overall industrial installation mimic display
  • Interfaces to various Control Systems, PLC's, RTUS and measurement devices
  • Remote control
  • Automates startup, shutdown and other industrial automation tasks
  • Interlocks ·
  • Event and alarm monitoring
  • User customizable station configuration

The Truckman SCADA consists of the following components:

  • SCADA Drivers: SCADA Drivers consist of MODBUS clients, OPC Clients and propriety drivers for control units
  • SCADA Server: The SCADA server collects data from the various modbus, opc and proprietary drives, processes data, stores them in a database and by using automation logic (automation tasks, interlocks and other users requests, goals or constraints) sends the appropriate commands to actuators via SCADA drivers
  • SCADA Configurator:  The SCADA configurator is used to define control system tags, SCADA driver settings and associated tags, automation logic, events, alarms to monitor, user access and mimic diagrams 
  • SCADA GUI: The SCADA GUI provides users configurable mimic diagrams that they can use to supervise, inspect, remote control and automate the industrial installation operation

Truckman.Net SCADA GUI


Truckman.NET SCADA Configurator


Truckman.NET OPC Client